About Me

My name is Lenny Roudik, I am a college school student from Brooklyn, NY interested in Marketing, Tech, and Business. I love meeting people and working on cool projects. I’m currently working on social media at Sticker Mule.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, I’m easily reachable. My twitter is @lennyroudik. Check out my LinkedIn too. 🙂

Projects / Experience

1. Sticker Mule (Social Media Lead) 

Sticker Mule is the fastest and easiest way to buy everything from stickers to packaging tape. At Sticker Mule, I mostly work on social strategy and new marketing channels.

2. LMG Programming Club (Founder)

I started the LMG Programming Club in September of 2015 to teach students how to code. Seeing the lack of technology classes, I decided to help by creating a programming club in my school. In the club students learn Python through interactive assignments incorporating services like Slack and Codeacademy.

3. def hacks() NY (Head of Marketing)

def hacks() is a hackathon created for high school students by high school students. DefHacks() wants to give everyone the opportunity to test their coding skills and develop new ones, while also getting the chance to eat, network, and receive some awesome swag.

4. Dell Holiday Ad (Team Leader)

I took part in a great opportunity with Young & Rubicam NYC to create an ad campaign for Dell, the group I lead had to create a creative advertising campaign for the holidays.

5. TeenJobs.nyc

Many of my friends including me were frustrated with the lack of opportunities for teens to work over the summer. I decided to change that by creating TeenJobs.NYC. TeenJobs.NYC is a free resource for teens and employers to find interested teens to work over the summer or during the year. (in development)

 Blog Posts / Interviews